In the Society for Creative Anachronism, my name is Herrin Kathalyn Nimet. I enjoy the research and garments of the late 15th/early 16th Century German clothing, but I have been known to sew anything from 6th C. Byzantine to 14th C. Gothic fitted dresses also.

I attempt to sew other stuff to from modern day patterns, but that's been a challenge. Hopefully by brainstorming on this journal, I can figure them out with some measure of success. Modern patterns are just not my forté!

Please enjoy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


And the Muse works again...

I just have to learn to let my mind free and not over think things when I am in the creative process. As you can see from this photo it took several attempts to measure and draft the circular dags on the end of my bell sleeves. After several failed attempts, I just took a deep breath and let my intuition take over. Sometimes, it just simply works and I amaze myself that pieces just fall together.

I do have a disappointment however. The sleeves on the manuscript are quite larger and the dagging more pronounced due the larger cuff size and the “flame” design of the dags. My justification is thus:
  1. Upon laying out the sleeve pattern once the dags were drafted, there is * just * enough fabric for each sleeve, lining included. So I would not have had enough fabric for any larger of a bell
  2. I chose the roundel shape because when sewn, it could aestetically resemble a crescent, the primary charge of my arms and match the applique embellishments I plan to add along the base of the dress at a later date. (Subsequently while writing this out, I have also considered that I may buy some of THL Justina's silver metal-thread crescent appliques, typically used for Caidan badges, to add to the center of the roundels for an added texture, but I'll test how that looks if she merchants at Crown.)
One additional thing I have to consider now is that due to the curvature of the roundels being so small, I will have to hand sew the cuffs. Blargh.... no way to avoid it though. Machine sewing that fine of a detail would be difficult for me & it may gather or bunch in an unattractive way.

Getting there! T-minus 4 days....

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