In the Society for Creative Anachronism, my name is Herrin Kathalyn Nimet. I enjoy the research and garments of the late 15th/early 16th Century German clothing, but I have been known to sew anything from 6th C. Byzantine to 14th C. Gothic fitted dresses also.

I attempt to sew other stuff to from modern day patterns, but that's been a challenge. Hopefully by brainstorming on this journal, I can figure them out with some measure of success. Modern patterns are just not my forté!

Please enjoy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Patterning for Dummies

So I went in a totally different direction with the patterning process of this wams than I originally drafted.

In my first attempt, I took Lady Syele's pattern and just redrew it. Well, tonight I decided that I wasn't happy with the way that it looked and started over. The measurements that I requested from Lady Syele weren't exactly what I needed, so I winged it using the concepts from the Tudor Tailor book and bits from the recesses of my memory and own research. Those pieces combined with an hour long call to my good friend David/Master Gareth in  LA, well... kids, I'm not sure how I did it, but I redrafted the pattern and it looks great! At least it does on my dressmaker's dummy.

I'm suspecting that it's a wee bit too wide in the back and the waist maybe a bit high for HRH, (it sits at the natural waist not the modern waist line), but the armsceye looks great and the curve of the front opening is almost spot-on.

I wish I knew where my digital camera is. it would have been better to take pictures as I was measuring and cutting, but of course I think about that after the fact! That and just moving puts things in wonky places.  At any rate, I'm pleased.

The shirt is almost done, just some hand-sewing to do and I need to draft the sleeve pattern.... but it's late and I have to work overtime tomorrow.

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